Missions Series

New Year, renewed purpose, and new blog series


I  keep coming back to that all-encompassing term that should describe the daily Christian life. A few months back, I wrote a post about “calling” and what I felt my moment of calling was to missions. Fortunately, God tends to work constantly in our lives, and I can now say that although the story I told about my “calling” was completely true, it was also shortsighted. God is calling you and me every day to missions. Because of the lessons I have been learning, my understanding of missions, Christianity, and God himself continues to evolve.

My time at Urbana, a missions conference in St. Louis, has taught me a lot about missions. Actually, that is an understatement–my mind is still reeling from the solid biblical truth and convicting speakers I encountered at Urbana.

For the next seven weeks, I will be writing about two core thoughts: “what missions is” and “what missions is not.” Expect to hear ideas from David Platt, Calisto Odede, and the gospel of Luke. As I unpack these ideas, I will also be highlighting a few organizations and people doing missions everyday in both ordinary and amazing ways.

So read on, and pray over what you read. You just might feel “called” to go.


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