The Good Women project


I highly recommend the Good Women Project blog, for men and women. Good Women Project is not a missions-minded blog, but this story on how to be a really good friend is applicable to every Christian.

It’s a reminder that we don’t need all the answers. Sometimes, we just need to sit with people and listen to them. Jesus was pretty good at interpersonal relationships, so we need to be good at them too. This article is just one example of the honest stories that the Good Women project is overflowing with.

Good women with honest answers to honest questions

The Good Women project is written with women 15-25 in mind. However, men who read this blog can get an intimate and honest perspective into how women think, what women struggle with, and what and how women actually think about men. Many of the blog posts are raw, emotional insights into the battles that all women struggle with about appearance, feeling inadequate, and seeking approval (see “When it isn’t a skinny day“).

Good Women project also has a highly relational feel because of the Ask a Married Woman (AMA) series, and the opportunity for any woman visiting the site to connect as either a mentee or mentor with other women. Finally, anyone can submit a story about her personal struggles, victories, or simply her story. Take advantage of this excellent blog by reading about, talking with, and contributing to the good women out there.


4 thoughts on “The Good Women project

  1. This was a really moving story. It shows us the impact that simply listening and being there for someone can have on a person. Like Lee Strobel’s story yesterday, this is a great reminder that we need to act as Jesus did towards the people around us who are in need.

  2. I really appreciate this. I’ve been thinking a lot the past year about the significance of ministering within the context of relationships. Like you said, Jesus thought it was important, so we should too.

  3. What a cool website, and such a good story. The “sphere of influence” that is our day-to-day lives is where we’ll make the most impact, and that starts by loving well within relationships.

  4. Wow, what a neat story. And such a cool blog! In a culture of independence, we often forget how much we really need to be in constant relationship with others. I like, too, that the blog focuses on women’s needs, since there’s definitely no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to men and women.

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