Thinking missionally…on Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day. How in the world can I tie teddy bears;  red aluminium-foil-wrapped chocolates; and bouquets of pink, red, and white roses into missions? To be completely honest, I was going to just ignore writing about V-Day altogether, until I found a blogger who gracefully melded Valentine’s Day into a missional mindset. Meet Stephanie Mays and her blog, The Lipstick Gospel.

Loving others well


“Let’s be extravagant with our love because we know, personally and especially on Valentines Day, how much it means to receive it” (Stephanie). Until reading this post, I had not yet found a Valentine’s day post (in my entire life) that so thoroughly encapsulates love with nary a mention of romance and a complete absence of “Singles Awareness Day” blues. Read this, because even Valentines Day is a part of missions.

 Think of Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to love the people around you well. Seek to meet their needs and wants. Give them grace. This manner of loving others is really how Jesus lived his life, and he is our reason for doing missions and our main example for how to do missions.

The gospel, in pink lipstick

Stephanie Mays is a writer for Adventures in Missions. In 2012, she went on the World Race, an 11-month mission trips to 11 different countries. Now, she writes The Lipstick Gospel on the side to explore various parts of the Christian life and, of course, missions to other countries and to the people living right next door. The Lipstick Gospel is replete with beautiful photography from all over the world, and Stephanie is definitely a spirited and gifted writer.

Stephanie’s entire focus is

The gospels are stories, written by ordinary people, about the most extraordinary man to ever walk the earth. And it’s my fundamental belief that that’s the way the Gospel is meant to be shared. It’s not certified people or boring people or uptight religious people that are meant to be sharing this story. It’s us. Everyday people.  Messy people. People who live extraordinary lives purely because He is extraordinary and loves extraordinarily.”

So, take a peek at The Lipstick Gospel.


5 thoughts on “Thinking missionally…on Valentine’s Day

  1. Wow – this is so good! I especially love this challenge: “I want to be a constant reminder for everyone in my life that they matter, that they’re noticed and that they’re loved.”

  2. What a touching post. The story about the man showing love to the elderly lady was such a powerful reminder of the impact that a little intentionality can bring.

  3. This was a fantastic article. I was able to read it before I left for classes on Thursday and it gave me a great mindset about the day. Valentine’s day isn’t just a day to celebrate romantic relationships. We need to celebrate all the forms of love and remember to show it to everyone around us.

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