There is a new kind of missionary emerging in the world. This is the young professional who goes to countries using marketplace skills to serve people’s needs while building relationships that bridge to the Gospel to quench people’s spiritual thirst. That’s what GoCorps is all about. GoCorps’ mission statement is to “Mobilize goers to those beyond the current reach of the gospel by recruiting young adults from all career interests to serve globally using their marketplace skills for two years among the least reached and those in extreme poverty through nine tracks of service.”

This is a minimum 2-year commitment with 9 different tracks that are designed to fit personal skill sets. The program brings applicants through the fundraising process and equips applicants for cross cultural experiences.

Writer, engineer, businessman, lawyer, artist, or teacher, GoCorps launches you to do missions in your sweet spot–aligning your skills with the Gospel.


5 thoughts on “GoCorps!

  1. This is very interesting! It would be cool to know what sort of things GoCorps volunteers have done. I would also wonder what established missionaries or missions organizations that these people would work with.

  2. I like this idea! It’s a great reminder that God has called Christians to take every thought captive in every area of life. We need Christian lawyers and salespeople just as much as we need traditional missionaries!

  3. GoCorps sounds super cool. I agree with Kayla – it’s a nice reminder that each of us has a different gift to be used by God – and that none of those (even the gift for traditional missions, which is commonly revered as the highest calling a Christian could have) is actually any “better” than any other.

  4. Very cool! This was a subject of conversation with Lydia House a couple weeks ago. Practical skills being used to improve peoples lives as they hear and hopefully recieve the Gospel is an exciting thing to hear about!

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