Missions Series

Missions Wrap-up

Here is a quick recap of what missions is:

  1. Missions is your calling, Christian: Missions is something that all of us our called to if we are truly followers of Christ.
  2. Missions is life-long: Missions can be done in many different time frames (short, mid, and long term), but it is a lifelong commitment.
  3. Missions is urgent: There is no such thing as that “innocent guy in Africa who has never heard the gospel.” All people need to hear the gospel because the default of our lives is hell.
  4. Missions is what we are built for: Each of us is given specific skills/gifts/passions that are a bridge to spreading the gospel to people with those same skills/gifts/passions.

Also, we’ve clarified that missions is absolutely not about you. So what definition are we left with?
Wrapped up

Missions, defined

Missions: If you have chosen to truly follow Jesus Christ, then missions is your lifelong calling to  respond to the urgency of every single person’s desperate need for Christ using your time, your talents, your money, your heart, your soul, and your mind. You do this on Christ’s strength, not yours.

One final thought

When you are doing missions in this sense, missions is also your greatest gift. Missions is this joyous gift because you are dependent on Christ’s work in you to bridge the gap from death into life for others. And this happens wherever you are, whether it is Kenya, The Dominican Republic, Chicago, our your little town of 2,000 people. 


4 thoughts on “Missions Wrap-up

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