Theatre with a purpose

Once in a while, art makes an impact that can save lives. I’m fortunate enough to be working on the production team for a work of art like this. It’s called Theatre on Purpose.theatreonpurpose

Theatre on Purpose

Theatre on Purpose is a traveling theatre troupe through Northwestern College that raises awareness on social justice issues. This is the pilot year of the program, and the focus is on sex trafficking–particularly sex trafficking in Minnesota. The director is Brian Grandison, faculty at Northwestern College, and the cast is made up of 8 Northwestern students. The show is called “The Game,” and after seeing it four times, I can definitely say that this show is one of the single most compelling theatre productions I’ve ever seen. This traveling show is open for booking, so you can bring it to your own church, school, or work (see end of post for booking link).

Why it’s a must-see

Four stories are interwoven throughout the play: the story of an advocate/survivor; the story of an international victim; the story of a victim who turns to victimizing others; and the story of a young girl who doesn’t know what she’s getting into until it’s too late. The show is an honest, hard look at an ugly part of humanity. You have to see it at least once, but when you do, you will probably leave feeling angry, sad, and frustrated. In my mind, this show works like an immunization: when you get immunized, often the shot makes you a little sick so you don’t actually get the real thing later on.

You should see Theatre on Purpose, even if it makes you a little sick, so that you can prevent and stop that sickness from spreading. Sex trafficking is definitely a sickness in our society, and through the medium of performing arts, Theatre on Purpose’s “The Game” powerfully portrays the stories of victims, survivors, and the pimps and johns who use them.

Note: The show is not appropriate for children younger than 14 because of the violence portrayed.

Upcoming performance

Where: Gallery Covenant Church (at Stepping Stone Theatre)

55 Victoria Ave

St. Paul, Minnesota 55104

When: 10:00 am (main church service)

Cost: FREE

Theatre on Purpose web page and booking info


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