People doing missions: The Johnson Clan

Angela is my close friend and mentor. She and her husband Todd packed up their four kids and moved to Thailand in January. They are there with Business as Mission (BAM) and learning how to help women stay out of sex trafficking by educating business owners and teaching the women marketable skills.

Todd, Angela, and kids

Short-term in Thailand…for a long time

Their time in Thailand will last 6-8 months, which is definitely a larger investment than your average short-term trip. But the real measure of Todd and Angela’s mission can’t be measured by the months they are in Thailand.

Instead, it’s measured by how much they’ve sacrificed in order to do this, and how much they plan to continue sacrificing once they get back. Moving into their basement, living simply, and raising their kids in Thailand for 6 months are all parts of the sacrifice. Todd and Angela are open books, ready to move where the Lord leads them. I think this qualifies them as “long-termers.”

Angela is pretty open about how hard, but amazing this process is on her blog; take a look: “Hard…and Amazing”.

What do you think of Todd and Angela, packing up their four kids and moving to Thailand for 6 months?


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