Book Review: Is That Really You, God?

What if God still speaks directly to us? What if divine guidance isn’t some cloudy, vague concept? What if God’s primary goal in guiding us isn’t so we get it right every time, but rather that we grow closer to him? In the 203 pages of Is That Really You, God?, Loren Cunningham, the founder of YWAM (Youth With A Mission), humbly paints the picture of how he has stumbled through spiritual guidance as he has started, failed, and continued in leading YWAM.


The life of Loren Cunningham

Cunningham tells the story of his life growing up with travelling preachers for parents who ingrained specific principles of God’s guidance in Cunningham at a young age. The story of his father’s near-death experience illustrates this perfectly:

Papa Cunningham was set to arrive home on a train after a bout of appendicitis. Meanwhile, his wife and family at home had a neighbor tell them about a dream he had about Papa Cunningham arriving home in a coffin: dead. Instead of panicking, Mama Cunningham prayed, saying “We can hear a confirming voice through another person. But if God has something important to tell you, He will speak to you directly” (22). That night, she had a dream of her husband returning alive, and in the next few days, he did.

The book follows Cunningham’s pursuit of his god-given vision of waves of young people covering all the continents of the world, preaching the Gospel and caring for people’s physical needs–a vision that became YWAM. Throughout the book, Cunningham emphasizes the importance of prayer over every decision, and he writes from a position of humility–highlighting several of his own mistakes in order to help the reader avoid making the same tragic errors.

Invaluable, concrete principles for guidance

At the end of the book, Cunningham provides “Twelve Points to Remember: Hearing the Voice of God” (200-203). These points range from confessing sin to “Don’t make guidance complicated.” This is not an attempt to make spiritual guidance into a science, but rather a guide for how to discern God’s calling according to Biblical principles. This book is a must-read for you if you’re wrestling with what God’s plan is for your life–whether or not you feel called to crosscultural missions.

Starting at $4.28 on Amazon, this book is a must-read for Christians.

Who knows? God just might be telling you something that you are missing.


3 thoughts on “Book Review: Is That Really You, God?

  1. I love this book. It’s one that I’ve passed around to others because I think it’s just one of those rewarding reads. I really love YWAM and Loren’s story – so inspiring! 🙂 Thanks for reviewing it to get it out there!

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